Lone wolf mentality as glitching your rank in social hierarchy

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Lone Wolf Mentality is an Alpha Male demeanor if you play your cards right.

It’s the path of Being the Boss of Your Own, as I’m writing in this article:

Lonewolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

Even if you feel introverted and you like to do things by yourself, Lone Wolf Mentality don’t mean you should be alone and no contact with other.

With this demeanor, if you want, you can easily expand your social circle and get people to be interested to hangout with you, getting new friends and so.

The Mindset I’m talking about is to get enough courage to do things you really want to do without caring what other people think. In other words “I don’t give a fuck attitude”. Lone Wolf Mentality is more like metaphor for that, surviving alone without requiring the help of pack.

It goes all the way based on your confidence. When you really act confident and do whatever you want to do, without needing other people with you, people are starting to follow you. When you really believe in what you are doing, take all the responsible for yourself, people believe in you.

The key to glitch your rank in social hierarchy is using the lone wolf mentality dating method.

This is a common sense, there are guys out there who are popular around girls and know lot of girls. Of course other guys wanna be friends with these guys, as they can meet new girls via him. By having a lot of contacts with girls, your rank in social circle immediately get a huge boost.

This is again a snowball effect, as you meet lot of new people, get more new friends. And of course meet a new girls. And if there is already girls in your social circle, they will be more attracted to you as you are wanted with other girls.

So how this Lone Wolf Mentality and going alone getting women works?

Firstly, if you are in a social circle and there is a hierarchy where there are the guys who are popular with girls and the other’s who are just hanging around but not getting a lot of attention from girls. If you are the on mentioned last, you are hardly getting girls in that social circle as the girls are already interested to guys on the top of hierarchy. If you go to club example, you may sit in table and look as these guys are getting all the girls off social circle around them and you are bored drinking your beer and hope that some of the girls would give attention to you.

To glitch your rank to the top is to not follow and wait, but to take action by yourself. Either you are above mentioned club, you shouldn’t try to approach the girls on the circle, but strangers. If meet a new girls, bring them to your social circle, you will automatically get a status boost. More status, more attractive you are.

Other way is to go bars/clubs alone or building your overall own harem alone. By not needing the help of others. Go bar alone, pickup girls. Start dating them, show her and her friends to your social circle. Repeat. This way you can greatly build a status as a guy who are having girls around him.

As said above, guys wanting to be around with guys like these to meet new girls, making a new friends is easy if you have build status like this. It can be glitched and built by doing this all alone, believing what you are doing, and by not waiting that somebody will do it for you.

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