Lone Wolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

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Lone Wolf Mentality is a philosophy for me to be the boss of my own. The goal is to not be follower of the pack, the society and let my happiness being dependent by other’s, but having my happiness only being dependent of my own actions.

This doesn’t mean being a thug or outlaw. The goal is to:

  • Acquire as much money or great career to not be dependent on the Rat Race and having fate as wage slave on the dead end job.
  • Acquire demeanor that I can do things happily alone that normally people wouldn’t. Like going alone to bars, movies etc. In other words, being not dependent on schedules but having my own clock to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Loner? Nope.

This doesn’t mean being loner without friends or social circle. By acquiring the demeanor above actually expands the social circle, as you are not afraid of going alone to social events and meet new people, making new friends or relationships.

At the young age I was very shy. My social happiness was dependent on other, more social people who would approve me in the group. To not have that kind of pressure to being approved in the group is very stressing. I didn’t make any friends in highschool and was loner there. I had though social circle beyond school. But anyway, it sucked bad to not have any friends in the school.

After graduating, with zero experience with girls, I wanted to make a change and decided that I want to achieve the goal mentioned above. Being shy guy, no friends in work as a wage slave would have been the nightmare.

So long story short, I made it and acquired the demeanor (not money, still poor as f#ck). If you haven’t read my prolonged background story, you can read it here: “Brad’s transformation story from shy guy to Player”

At the college, the game was changed totally compared to highschool.

I made a lot of new friends, connections and got lot’s of girls. This demeanor also helped to get better jobs and making new friends and connection at the work.

But still moving on life as a Lone Wolf…

Lone Wolf Mentality is the Key…

I can go travelling alone, having the time of my life and explore the world.

I can go out alone and pickup hot women without social pressure.

I love to go alone to take a long walks in the forests and nature.

I love the peace of going alone to restaurant and eating without hurry of time schedules.

I love to go alone to gym and have the hard workouts that grant me the endorphin rush.

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