Looks Don’t matter after all for Women

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Do Looks Matter for Women afterall?

Have you ever wondered why some average looking guys get tons of Pussy?

Me too.

And it bothered so much that I had to found the truth….

Even I have stated many times how important role the Looks plays on getting women, there is even one more trait that makes pussy wet:

The Power.

The men with the most power are on the top of the Food Chain on the dating markets.

How to determine average men power?

I’m not going to go for the top 0.001% Elite of the most powerful guys (Bossess of the world).

I want to give tell real life story of average people’s life, that hopefully gives you hope and motivates you, if you are insecure about your looks and think that your looks is holding your back for getting hot women.

When average looking guy who has a lot of women drooling over him due the power, this means him having these qualities:

  • High status (Example on the Social Circle)
  • Reputation (The guy people are telling stories about)
  • Authority to Influence other (having authority to be respected)

Story Time of Living Proof that Looks doesn’t Matter for Women.

This story was also an eye opener for me, as I suddenly remembered it and wanted to write this post.

The guy I’m talking about had them all. But in the looks scale, he was a way below average.

He was literally a Bad Boy.

A thug, criminal who had a reputation that none want to fuck with him.

Now I’m not going to tell you to turn into thug or criminal, neither provoke you to do anything illegal. I just want to give real life experience that looks don’t matter if one have enough Power.

Anyway, I did hear a lot of stories of this guy before I met him on face to face at house party.

I didn’t became friend with him, he was from another social circle, but I had a little conversation with him back then at the party (Very long time ago, about 10 years ago).

The Aura of Power

First thing I noticed, was that there were at least 4 different girls flirting with him the whole time at that party. Even more probably, but everytime I saw him, there was a girl with him.

There was a friend of my friend who was better friend with this thug, and at some point we ended up to talk with him.

He had that Aura of Respect. Everyone who did talk to him, had that respect due to his feared reputation.

Me too. I didn’t want to get into problems with him. Anyway, by showing the respect he desired from everyone, we were cool and he was friendly for me.

He told us some stories about his street fights, but he also talked a lot of girls with his friend.

No Looks. No Style. Still Tons of Pussy. Looks don’t Matter for Women.

This was the part I was interested in. Because he wasn’t good looking and he was wearing gym pants, hoodie and snapback. Far away from the ”style of the BadBoy” I have told about (Not going to say it’s bad style. Vice versa, it’s the best style to maximize your attractiveness in attempt to get hot women).

Without the Looks or Style, he still managed to get the most attention from the girl at that party.

The stories of the girls he had fucked that he told, did amaze me. I had zero experience with girls back then and I was very insecure and thought that I was ugly.

But he really did change my view. This was one of the motivators for me later when I started my journey.

Even it was little bit depressing to hear that this kind of scumbag gets all the girls, he was a living proof that looks don’t matter for women if there is Power.

He was a living proof that getting hot women and lot of pussy don’t require good looks.

I thought that he must had a laycount near 100 at that young age (19) after all the stories and the discussion we had with him.

He had that Power which made girls drooling over him. The reputation, status and authority. He did outplay some of the prettyboys at the party when it came to getting girls.

His friend even asked about one girl, and he didn’t even knew what his friend was talking about, until he remembered that he had fucked that girl at toilet on different house party.

The more I heard, the more shocked and amazed I became.

Even some girl tried to pull him off for her while he was telling a story to us, but he said ”Bros’s before hoe’s” and her ordered her to wait until we had finish the conversation. And she waited. He didn’t put pussy on pedestal.

Memorable Lessons Learned

After a while he finished and handshaked us and said ”Was nice to met you”.

Never saw him again.

It was a short, but memorable and very important discussion.

Even this little discussion happened almost 10 years ago, it has stayed as a memory and eye opener for me.

On the beginning of my journey to getting good with women, those stories of this thug did motivate me, by having the proof that Looks isn’t everything.

And after I did achieve my goal, living the Player Lifestyle (Without becoming a Thug), I also realized how many things besides looks matters.

So if you are insecure about your looks and you haven’t tried to go talk with girls because of that, hopefully this little story motivates you to start. You’ll realize that looks aren’t everything, although it’s really important to Maximize it for better results.

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