Losing your virginity is the hardest lay you need to achieve

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When you have zero experience with women, you have minimal confidence due to lack of success/experience which reflects on your upcoming experiences. You can fake it till you make it, but the vibe of zero experience will appear subconsciously around women.

This is the hardest part you need to get over. For this point it’s huge uphill battle. After you make it, every lay will be easier to get afterwards. Actually lay after lay you get it easier. It’s like women’s sixth sense of knowing you are getting girls. 

But when it’s zero experience, you have so much of thing on mind what should you/ what should you not do. Also the pressure of f@#king things up may give you desperate vibe that’s turn off. When you get good at this and get lot of girls, you’ll raise your standards and don’t care as much if you mess things. This is probably the vibe which makes you attractive after getting the experience.

What I regret

My biggest mistake when I was virgin and tried to get good at this was the fear of messing things up. I was afraid to escalate too far in fear of rejection and not getting another chance. This is what you need to actually do to get laid. You need to escalate and take things as far as you can. I had read some bullshit advice of not asking girls straight for sex, but when I had done countless of approaches with no results, I was frustrated and was like “I don’t give a f#@k of outcome”. So I did what was against the “rules”, asked straight for sex after having a good interaction earlier. And the v-card was lost. The rules hold my back and didn’t let me to succeed. Didn’t let me to get the experience which is important to get good at this. After this point I knew that there were no rules.

The sex?

Another thing that may be afraid is the actual penetration part. You may be paranoid either you don’t get it up or she will have a bad sex with you.

Don’t stress about this. If you are paranoid about not getting it up, go nofap for few days before you are going on field.

Also look at this diet, it may be helpful. What you don’t wanna do, is to masturbate on porn before you go picking up. This will eat your motivation and energy.

And if you are taking alcohol you are most likely getting a whiskey dick. Alcohol+nofap is good combo to get it hard and last long. Nofap makes libido hard, and alcohol makes it slower to ejaculate. Other ways are too, but I may make an another post about these methods.

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