Online Poker Still Profitable on 2020?

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Do you have a Dream of becoming Professional Poker Player? Is the Online Poker still Profitable at 2020?

As I made the new Category “How to Make Money Online?”, I wanted to write about Poker. And can you still play it profitable at 2020…

What wouldn’t be better than Being the Boss of Your Own and making money at Home?

Texas’hold em. The first time I heard about this game was around 15 years ago.

I remember when I saw article about ”Poker being more skill than gambling” in some random magazine back then.

That article told about how skilled, more experienced players did won easy money from beginners.

Needless to say I got inspired and wanted to learn more about Poker.

I found out that there were several people who did this as their career, Professional Poker Player. The success stories of guys starting from zero to becoming Millionaires by playing Online Poker did sound too good too be true.

I wanted the same.

I didn’t make it though. I didn’t became Rich by playing Poker. Not even close to it. Although I did learn the game later and made some profit, but never played it as a fulltime job.

20 Years Later. Is the Online Poker Still Profitable?

Back then, on early 2000, Online Poker was a Gold Mine. I missed that train though.

How about nowadays at 2020? Is the Online Poker Dead or can you still make some money off it?


Yes. It’s still possible but much harder than early 2000. From my experience, I still play it from time to time and make little profit.

If you are interested about Poker and you have not before ever read Poker book, getting one is really good investment. Book below is great read to teach the profitable game:

How I started and failed to make it as a Career

My age did limit me back then. I wasn’t even 18, so couldn’t get credit card to deposit for Online Poker.

However, I did freeroll tournauments and made my some money out of them which I used for real cash games.

I couldn’t get enough money to make it into big tables and played on microdeposit tables.

I also bought Poker Book back then, which really was a worth it. Still this day I use some of the tatics from the book.

I made some money, but I was fool enough to become too greedy and go for big stake tables where I lost everything I had grinded so far. I did this few times and stopped, as I really didn’t make any profit.

Later when I could made real money deposits, I actually made some profit.

But at that time I couldn’t take the risk and only focus on Poker to make it as my fultime job.

So it was more like hobby to me that did gave me little extra cash from time to time.

There were times I played more often and then long breaks.

Not sure if I should have taken the risk of puttin All In to Online Poker and only focus on it. It was somewhere around 2011-2012, so the games weren’t as tight as nowadays.

The Attraction of the Poker

Even it’s gambling and luck plays the role in the game, there are many factors that make the Poker a skill game:

  • Math (Calculating probabilities, cards on the table etc.)
  • Psychology. Big one. How to read the opposite and make him or her pay money for you, either with bluffs or setting trap with good hand.
  • Patience. Not going tilt after you get big loss. Patience to wait for good cards and then play it cool to make profit.
  • Ability to chance your style and confuse other players.

Poker is a game that you’ll learn to play with experience.

Even the games are nowadays more tighter on the Texas Hold’em and people say there isn’t money in the Online Poker, there is still.

Online Poker is still Profitable at 2020…

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