Picking up Women while Sober or Wasted?

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Do you hate alcohol, but you are too scared to talk with women while Sober? Do you wish that your dating life wasn’t dependent on alcohol and you could go picking up women sober

I had that kind of dilemma. Alcohol used to take away my social anxiety, yet it made me depressed.

So I chose the Sober way…

In this Article I will go through which is better, seducing women while drank or picking up women sober?

At the beginning when I didn’t have idea how to pickup girls, I went on clubs binge drinking and getting wasted in hope of getting courage to talk to girls. Or that was the step 2, which I hardly or never acquired. The step 1 was to get girls approach me so I could go step 2. Even I was wasted and lowered my inhibitions via shitloads of booze, I hadn’t courage to approach girls.

After I killed my approach anxiety and started to go talk with girls, I was sober at the first. For long time. I avoided alcohol for health issues. Anyway, it was a good feeling of not needing alcohol and still going talking with girls smoothly and having fun with them. After this I stopped binge drinking. Rarely nowadays I get a shit wasted, and if it happens, it’s an accident. Having a good buzz, without blacking out and remembering something of yesterday.

What I realized on success while being sober and being not?

Well, getting laid via sober is much more rewarding. You get a confidence boost that you made it just being yourself. This is also the best way to improve yourself on this. However, on sober, if you are feeling down or not on the mood of socializing, there can be struggling. Like I would have a lot stress on that day, I’m not having a good vibe while picking up. And therefore lack success. Or I fapped earlier before going out, I would not have motivation and be lethargic talking with girls.

Anyway, getting laid off not being a sober, it’s usually ends up with good success as you are having a good vibe almost always. Either it’s alcohol, or some other mind altering substance that gives energy and lowers inhibitions. This especially if you are feeling down or depressed, like said in this post how not having a good vibe and being depressed decreases your success. Success is only worst if you get yourself on blackout mode.

So, about how you are feeling at the moment is the key. I’ve had almost equal success with both ways, but only had worst success when I was totally depressed (post-breakup) and had a bad vibe. At those kind of situations it’s okay to hinder depression and get back to track.

After the point when you have completely killed the approach anxiety and can do it while sober, it’s fine to start getting a little buzz when picking up. Meaning it makes your more social and gives you vibe of well being.

If you are struggling with approach anxiety, I recommend to go out sober and get rid of it (Here’s complete guide to Approach Women on Daytime and Sober).

If you are always hindering the approach anxiety with alcohol, you are not getting rid of it. It need to be done on sober when you are expanding your comfort zone.


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