Project Home Gym – Ghetto Bicep Trainer Device with adjustable rubber band for intense workout.

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Are you tired of your bicep band trainer being too loose?

No problem, I got easy fix for that.

I made adjustable resistance band device in hour with using two planks and resistance band.

This is not a Crossbow, as it looks one…

Even it looks ghetto, it’s really good and feels comfortable.

Below is demonstration video of this really cheap device:


#1. Things you need:

  • Bigger plank for the core and customization adjusts ( 5cm x 15cm)
  • Smaller plank for feet (5cm x 10cm)
  • Resistance Band
  • Saw

#2. Building the Core

It’s up to you how much resistance you want to have on your exercises.

Simply, saw square holes into the bigger plank like in the picture below. Just make sure that the first hole has 5cm width and 10cm height. This is the hole you input the smaller plank.

In this model I used 2 resistance adjusts (check image below), but you can have even 10 if you have long enough plank.

#3 Position for the feet

My smaller plank length is 50cm and it’s enough to have comfortable position on your feet in the device.

The smaller plank

Place this plank in the core plank’s first hole and you are ready!

The purpose of this smaller plank is, that you push it with your feet so the device stays in the ground.

#4 Workout!

Push your limits and get your biceps pumped up.

If the resistance isn’t enough for muscle training (6-14reps), just adjust more resistance in the device.

Thoughts and Pros about this Device

When you have a home gym, finding a good way to train your biceps might become a problem.

Resistance band vs Weights?

  • The resistance band is more ergonomic. While you are laying in the ground, you are less likely to strain or break your back as if you would do this exercise on standing with weights.
  • You can do countless of variations with this device and adjust rapidly the resistance, which you can’t do with weights. Meaning you can have a lots of different workout routines for biceps.
  • Storing and changing the wheels of the weights sucks. It’s time consuming. This resistance band device takes very little space to store and is ready in seconds.
  • It’s more manly to lift weights. But a real man doesn’t give a fuck about other’s opinions (Like stated in this guide: “How to not give a fuck?“).

Resistance band is way to go at home gym!

If you don’t own already a resistance band, you can get a good one here from Amazon.

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