On this page, I am sharing all the products and other stuff that I have found extremely valuable on my Self-Improvement Journey. I only recommend products that I have personally tried, believe in them 100% and I have found them to be Legit.

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Sincerely, Brad

Must Read Books

Beating the Shyness and Improving Social Skills

#1 Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthrough Program to End Negative Behavior and Feel Great Again.


If you are suffering on low self-esteem, anxiety, feeling of worthless or getting too dependent on people too quickly, this book might be the solution for you.

The book is like therapy trip where you travel back in time to meet yourself as a child. The author of this book believes that most of the mental problems, for example low-self esteem or anxiety are caused by the trauma of the childhood. The author calls them as a “life traps”.

The meaning of this book is to live your childhood again and find the roots of these life traps. When you can find the root and face it, you might possibly solve the problem and change your life forever. I found this book very valuable and highly recommend to take a read if you are suffering any of those “life traps” I mentioned above.

#2. How To Win Friends And Influence People

By Dave Carnegie

This Book is really good read if Your goal is to improve your social skills and expand your social circle.

I found the techniques taught in the book very useful in real life. By applying these techniques, I realized immediately how different people act when I talked with them.

The Major Key of the Book is to make people feel important. When they feel important, they find you much more likable. And these techniques in this book teaches you how to do this properly.

#3. The Power of Now

By Eckhart Tolle

The art of living in this moment is one of the most valuable skills you can have.

No more stress about future, neither regrets of the past. Only focusing on this moment. Right now.

This is what this book teaches you.

Many people have said they had a major depression, but this book changed their mindset to forever and cured them from the spiral of existential depression.

I personally found this book very good to read and recommend it to all who are suffering on severe depression or anxiety. This book can be the answer that change your life forever.

#4. Mindset to Beat the Shyness

By Brad Shoc

This is the book written by me. The content of the book is not long, as I go straight to the point.

I am not teaching techniques how to overcome the shyness in this book. Instead I am teaching you the correct mindset which is vital to start and success on your journey to overcome the shyness.

As I have experienced that journey myself, I can say that it’s not easy task. It requires effort, patience and will power. That’s the mindset I am trying to teach you in this book.

Making Money

#5. Think and Grow Rich

By Napoleon Hill

This is probably my favorite book of all time. It completely changed the way I think, of course for more positive way.

Not only this book contains very valuable information about how to legit make money, but it is also a source of happiness.

This books teaches you the way of thinking like all the successful people think. And this way of thinking is really precious ability to have. I highly recommend to take a read on this book.

#6. 5 Days Weekend

By Garret B. Gunderson

If you have ever dreamed of leaving the Rat Race and 9-5 dead-end job, this book is for you.

This book is not about how to make money quick (these are usually scam).

This book is Your longterm financial plan.

It teaches you how to make multiple streams of passive income and how to make the money work for you.

As said, these plans the Author teach you, takes a time and effort.

But if you succeed, the reward is 5 days weekend and saying good bye to Rat Race!

Supplements to Boost Performance

#1 Rhodiola Rosea

  • Suppress depression
  • Raises energy levels
  • Boost physical performance and help on gym
  • Kills stress levels and anxiety

#2 Mucuna Pruriens

  • One of the only legit Natural Testosterone Boosters
  • Harder lifts on Gym
  • More productive and higher energy levels
  • Lifts mood
  • Boost Male Performance

#3 NAC

  • Suppress Depression and Anxiety
  • Lifts Mood
  • Helps to lessen Hangovers and prevent them
  • Energy Boost

#4 L-Theanine

  • Mixed with coffee produces really nice synergy leading to more raised energy levels and decreased negative side-effects of caffeine
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Lessens Anxiety

Project Home Gym

My personal equipment to workout at home for best results!

For Abs:

#1 Powerwheel

The only device you need to acquire ripped abs! Either at home or gym, this is my long time favorite equipment to workout abs. And there is a reason: with this you can do lots of different variations and easily adjust the resistance for either training muscle stamina or build rock hard sixpack!

Besides that, powerwheel is really small device which you can store easily anywhere at home, or to take it with you to gym if your local gym don’t have these great equipments.

You really don’t need anything else devices besides this to get sixpack. Powerwheel alone is enough, but if you want to ice the cake, rest of the exercises for sexy abs you can do without devices. Learn more here what are effective exercises you can do at home to build abs: How to get Ripped Abs and Bodyfat below 10% ?

For Back/V-Taper:

#2 Pull Up Bar

Everyone is probably familiar with pull ups. Needless to say that Pull Ups are one of the most effective ways to build a massive back and sexy V-taper.

And what’s better than doing this all at home?

I highly recommend to get Pull Up bar to your home. It is really easy to install and you can save a lot of time by working out your back at home. Check this 10 minutes method to build V-Taper with Pull Ups.

For Chest/Arms/Shoulders

#3 Push Up Bars

Another Must have working out equipment to get on Your home gym.

Even though these push up bars don’t replace Bench Press because you are using your own weight, you can still do really effective and diverse training sessions on your arms, shoulders and chest.

There are countless of variations you can use these push up bars to get intense workout that grants you decent gains. Only con is that with these its hardly to impossible to train strength, as you cant get enough resistance to do power training (1-5 reps). BUT you can still build muscle mass and train muscle stamina.

These Push Up bars don’t require any installation and you can start working out immediately. They neither take almost any space and are really easy to store.

For Wrists/Forearms

#4 Finger Strengthener

Small and really helpful little device to strengthen your wrists and to build hard grip.

Especially if you train Martial Arts, this is a really good extra workout equipment to help you to prevent possible injuries from punching or to enhance your grip in grappling.

Even if you don’t train Martial Arts, this is still good device to help you to strengthen your wrists which is in the long term essential for working out, meaning less injuries and more time to train!

Style for Men

#1 Best style for Men to succeed at picking up women at bars/nightclubs.

Check here my personal favorite style to dress on bars or nightclubs, the style that have granted me the best success with women.

Rid of Bad Habits

HabitBull is a great app for smartphone to track your bad habits and to stop them. Its also free but there is a premium version with some extra features. I bought the premium version because I found the app really useful and the prizing wasn’t bad.

Learn more about HabitBull here (Not affiliate link)