Simple yet Effective Routine to get Your Bench Press 100kg and Above

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Do you want a quick and effective routine to up your bench press result? The method I’m about to tell you is the one that I used to gain colossal strength gains and my personal goal back then: bench press to 100kg (And later to 135kg with this same routine)

When I started going to the gym over ten years ago, my biggest goal was to get my max bench press to 100kg.

I had a few friends who were pro athletics (Even I was kissless, overly nice guy with social anxiety, I did became friends with them at MMA training)

They gave me excellent training tips and advice, like that very effective routine to build V-Taper at home.

They also told me about this strength-building routine, which rapidly raises your bench press results.

Method to get bench press 100kg easily
It’s Time to Skyrocket Your Bench Press!

Goal: Bench Press to 100kg

This routine is simple yet still effective for massive strength gains.

Basically, do the Bruce Lee’s Bench Press Routine (2 sets, 6 reps of Bench Press with your Max Weights)

Remember to have so much weight that the 6’th rep is totally the last rep you can do. If you can do 7 reps, you didn’t do your max. 6 is the necessary max.

Do this bench press routine 3 times a week.

Every week add 2.5kg/5.5lbs more weight on these sets.

If you can do on the third training session more than 6 reps, then add that 2.5kg on that day.

Never go back on weights. Always up them. If you can’t lift the new 2.5kg on the next week, stay at your current one until you can get to the next plateau.

By doing this, you’ll gain 10kg/22lbs more bench press every month.

Let’s say you start from 60kg. It takes now four months at the latest to achieve your max bench press up to 100kg.

Even less time, if you can add more weights than one time a week.

Why it’s Effective?

I have no idea what is the science behind this method; it just f#cking works.

If you would do, let’s say example 10 reps, you wouldn’t train strength. 6 reps is the optimal number for this (or less).

2.5kg is not too much too quickly, and it’s not either too less weight.

Let’s say you add 10kg when you are comfortable with current results. It can be too much.

And adding 1kg every week would take almost a year (from 60kg).

2.5kg instead is optimal and leads to a steady growth in strength gains, so your body gets used to it.

Note that the more your bench press, the harder and slower it comes to get more strength gains.

After you reach your bench press record to 100kg, this routine won’t work as effectively as it used to be. That’s the magical limit where you probably need to have 2-week intervals before you add 2.5kg more weights.

I just wanted to share this effective Routine with you, if you are aiming to get significant strength gains and bench press up to 100kg.

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