Survival Journal of Corona Virus Outbreak while being stuck in Foreign Country

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Hello Friends and hopefully you all are doing well. We are living hard times now as the corona virus outbreak have spread almost every part of the world…

At this time, at this moment, it’s not anymore about getting laid. It’s about staying alive, Surviving.

I haven’t written a while because I have been on abroad due the work and now I am actually stuck in foreign country.

Borders are closed in both ways.

No one can get in, no one can get out of here.

Every day I here more increased amounts of the sirens of ambulances…

First time for years I am scared for real.

For the past few weeks only thing I have been doing is mostly reading both mainstream and non-mainstream stuff related to corona virus outbreak and I have prepared as good as I can in this situation where I am not at home…

Now all I can do, is to boost my immune system to as much as possible.

I have bought a lot of Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin C and Rhodiola Rosea (My basic stack).

I have done megadoses of Vitamin C to possible minimize the symptoms of corona virus if I get infected, from 2000mg to 6000mg a day. Also I have done zinc about 60-100mg a day to boost immune system.

Furthermore I went to keto diet, as I read that it’s good for fighting against the virus and influenza. If you are not familiar with keto diet, it means minimizing all the carbs from your diet and replacing these calories with protein and (good) fats.

The shit is getting real now…

I will try to update this journal as much as possible. This will be my survival journal of the corona virus outbreak while being foreign country and trying to get back home alive.

Stay Safe Friends!


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