How to Deal and Get Over after getting Cheated by your Girlfriend?

By inspired the last article, 14 Redflags you should be aware of, I decided to make another relationship related article. The more darker topic, about how to get over by getting cheated and betrayed by your Girlfriend.

All the guys who have been gone this, me including, know how fucking terrible feeling it is to get betrayed by your loved one.

If you have just experienced this horrible situation and you are looking for ways to get over this depressive state, hopefully this article will help you to get on your feet.

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How to get out of Friendzone?

If you don’t want to get ever again Friendzoned, you came to right place.


The Original Article:

This is the situation you want to avoid at all cost.

Or let’s say, there are few types of friendzones:

The situation #1: You have known the girl years with no intend for anything sexual, just having her as buddy. Situation #2: You have known the girl years and you are interested in her in sexual manner, but she doesn’t feel the same. Situation #3: You have started dating a complete new girl you’ve never known before, example you picked her up on tinder. You’ve been on date and she says: “You are a very nice guy, but I think we should just be friends”. Continue reading “How to get out of Friendzone?”

A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)

You know that Feeling when you have been messaging with cool chick, then suddenly this Girl ghosts You?

The Feeling that she’s playing games on you… (Check guide to Read Redflags and avoid women who are not worth your time)

The Feeling when everything is going well, she’s into you and the future looks bright. Then suddenly she goes no contact.

A full radio silence. She’s not answering anymore to your messages.

She’s flaking…

Sounds familiar?

That’s Fucking frustrating and annoying feeling, I’ve gone through it countless times and fortunately managed to fix the problem (Hint: acquiring “I don’t give a Fuck attitude”)

In this post I’m going to go through how to deal, and more importantly: how to turn tables when she is not answering anymore to your messages/phone calls. Continue reading “A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)”

Complete Cold-approaching Guide

How to Cold-Approach?

If you are not aware of the term cold approaching, it means approaching a girl you’ve never talked before and she hasn’t shown any sign of interest on you before. Warm approaching instead means approaching a girl you have had some connection before.

In this post we are going through how to effectively cold-approach a girl and possible get her back to your place for sex.

I myself started this all with cold approaching. It was before Tinder existed, so cold approaching was my way to go. Started on clubs and bars, afterwards went on streets and shopping malls. Clubs/bars are still the best place Continue reading “Complete Cold-approaching Guide”

Picking up Women while Sober or Wasted?

Do you hate alcohol, but you are too scared to talk with women while Sober? Do you wish that your dating life wasn’t dependent on alcohol and you could go picking up women sober

I had that kind of dilemma. Alcohol used to take away my social anxiety, yet it made me depressed.

So I chose the Sober way…

In this Article I will go through which is better, seducing women while drank or picking up women sober?

At the beginning when I didn’t have idea how to pickup girls, I went on clubs binge drinking and getting wasted in hope of getting courage to talk to girls. Or that was the step 2, which I hardly or never acquired. The step 1 was to get girls approach me so I could go step 2. Even I was wasted and lowered my inhibitions via shitloads of booze, I hadn’t courage to approach girls.

After I killed my approach anxiety and started to go talk with girls, I was sober at the first. For long time. I avoided alcohol for health issues. Anyway, it was a good feeling of not needing alcohol and still going talking with girls smoothly and having fun with them. Continue reading “Picking up Women while Sober or Wasted?”

Women wants random sex too

Women don’t want sex.

They want:

  • Dates
  • Flowers
  • and chocolate

That’s how the mainstream media lies you how the “Dating Game” works…

I had this mindset also when I was inexperienced. Needles to say that I ended on friendzone. After realizing that girls also want random sex, no dating, no other extra bullshit. Just sex. I started to get a mindset that is required for having a success on dating.

Reasons why having a mindset that girls don’t want random sex is bad for success Continue reading “Women wants random sex too”