Looks Don’t matter after all for Women

Do Looks Matter for Women afterall?

Have you ever wondered why some average looking guys get tons of Pussy?

Me too.

And it bothered so much that I had to found the truth….

Even I have stated many times how important role the Looks plays on getting women, there is even one more trait that makes pussy wet:

The Power.

The men with the most power are on the top of the Food Chain on the dating markets.

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Is a Beard More Attractive to Women or Not?

If you haven’t yet tried gaming with beard, I highly recommend to give it a try. With my own experience (even I still can’t grow completely full beard), the difference is like between day and night.

First when I started to get success on dating life, I always thought that beard would make me less attractive. Like girls would think that beard is gross. How wrong I used to be (it was before beards had come trend). Because I hasn’t ever tried to grow a beard and I got on that time some of my first success, I was safely on my comfort zone and didn’t want to try anything new. Always had that same haircut and clean shaven. I ran huge Continue reading “Is a Beard More Attractive to Women or Not?”