6 reasons why Bars are better place to get Women than Tinder

Are you tired of using Tinder? Below is a List why you should go for Nightlife as Bars are way better than Tinder when you are aiming to get Laid.

I already wrote a shortly about this in this bar/club game post, but now I’m writing a little bit more about it.

Besides comparing Bars being better than Tinder, I can say that Cold Approaching at Daytime is also better than Tinder.

The competition

On Tinder/online dating, the competition is huge. An average girl can get hundreds of messages off guys. This makes it hard to separate from others.

On bars thought, there is not much of men, and most of them are afraid to approach. So that makes the competition already easier, as the ratio of guys hitting on one girls is hundred times smaller on bar than on Tinder. Continue reading “6 reasons why Bars are better place to get Women than Tinder”

A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)

You know that Feeling when you have been messaging with cool chick, then suddenly this Girl ghosts You?

The Feeling that she’s playing games on you… (Check guide to Read Redflags and avoid women who are not worth your time)

The Feeling when everything is going well, she’s into you and the future looks bright. Then suddenly she goes no contact.

A full radio silence. She’s not answering anymore to your messages.

She’s flaking…

Sounds familiar?

That’s Fucking frustrating and annoying feeling, I’ve gone through it countless times and fortunately managed to fix the problem (Hint: acquiring “I don’t give a Fuck attitude”)

In this post I’m going to go through how to deal, and more importantly: how to turn tables when she is not answering anymore to your messages/phone calls. Continue reading “A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)”

Did Tinder ruin the Daygame?

If you are Familiar with PUA, you must know what the term Daygame is (It’s approaching women at daytime, here’s is step by step guide how to pickup women at Daytime) and now I want tell you if Tinder did ruin it.

After tinder and other dating apps appeared on smartphones, they increased dramatically online dating scene. It was just easy to get straight off your phone to get contact of opposite sex and skip some traditional dating principles. Tinder was for sure a game changer.

As for daygame, which is mostly picking up phone numbers that you can turn to dates, on Tinder you don’t have to do cold approaching and can easily get more and faster phone numbers (There can be same day lays though, like I tell in Player System)

To the point, is there a reason to daygame anymore if you can just do Tinder? Continue reading “Did Tinder ruin the Daygame?”