The Power of Body Language

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How to manipulate by not saying a word? It’s a skill. The answer is Body Language. In this article you will learn how to manipulate people with bodylanguage alone.

Certain Body Language can do Wonders…

It can instantly boost Your Charisma dramatically

How to manipulate people with Body Language alone?

Your demeanor says more about you than your words:

If you are looking down, having a negative posture and looking like you are not relaxed, people can sense that you are not feeling comfortable. This can be seen on interactions, not only with women, but also with men.

When you have more open, relaxed body language, people will respond much more positive whatever you are doing.

Negative Body Language = Negative Respond

By keeping your hands crossed and looking like you are protecting yourself, the one you are talking with think you are not on the mood or you are feeling uncomfortable by talking with him/her.

This makes them feeling not important.

And that what you don’t want to do.

It gives subconscious connection between you two(or more if group), about how your body language is.

If I’m talking with guy who has above stated “hands crossed” posture and not having an eye contact with me, I feel like he’s not interested to talk with me. Like I’m making him uncomfortable, even he wouldn’t be.

You know, you don’t like to talk with people who act like that.

So if you have not yet focused on your body language, start applying more attractive body language daily.

By the time, you have it as a natural behavior.

Body Language and Attraction

As talking to Women, having this kind of bad body language indicates insecure behavior.

By acting relaxed, hands on your side, not doing some little nervous things like tapping your fingers, will give you:

  • Much, much more attractive vibe that’s demonstrates a confident guy who isn’t afraid of talking with women.

As you go to date example to Bar, sitting next to her, you shouldn’t wrap yourself in little size and feel repressed. Doing the opposite, spread your legs widely, laying backwards in chilling way and grabbing your arm backward of her on sofa makes you look much more alpha.

This also indicates to her that you are probably experienced with woman by acting so confident, which makes you even more attractive.

Laziness did grant lot of rejections

The body language is a habit that can be changed and it  works wonders in every interactions you do.

I had a phase when I had bad habit of not doing the body language anymore, after doing my journey of becoming Player a while.

I was testing if having good body language had any impact when it comes to attraction.

I was lazy at that time. I was very straight when I did pickup women with my current “Pickup Skills” back then.

I still got success, but I got much more rejections than at the time I used to have that attractive body language…

How to use Body Language while Picking Up Women?

If you are standing next to her:

  • If you are wearing jeans, put your hands in back pockets. This makes you look a relaxed and having a dominance on interactions.
  • Eye contact. THIS is important. More of this later, but shortly: Look at her eyes most of the time. Don’t wonder with your eyes. Look through her soul.
  • Feet. Not so much care, just stand normal like shoulder ratio. Don’t over analyze this.
  • If you do not have a pockets, keep your hands on sides relaxed. Also you can imitate with your hands while talking, this makes your message stronger.
  • Smile a lot. You don’t need to look serious or too tryhard to look like tough guy. Smiling is a good way to connect with her and showing you have a personality. Attractive way to smile is probably having a little smirk, a mouth closed smile. Or I do that on best, but I don’t have a toptier teeth and my smile doesn’t look good if I’m mouth opened. So I like to smile mouth closed. Do whatever feels best to you.
  • Don’t wonder around. Just stay like freezed. And relaxed. I used to do in past this mistake, by talking with anyone on standing I would walk around and move all the time. By just staying there is much better body language.

If you are sitting next to her:

  • Like said above, legs widely, laying chill on backwards and grabbing her towards you. If you just met, no need to escalate this quick by grabbing her, but it’s good to do soon. This makes you look dominant man who does what he wants, and that’s pussy wetter.
  • Eye contact and smiling. Both stated above.


Body language is a very important whoever you are interacting with. Either it’s a job interview or picking up a girl, on both you can boost your impact with correct Body Language.

This is a habit you start applying  naturally after doing this enough.

1+ habit for becoming more attractive and Alpha.


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