Tinder – Things that matter

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There can be lot of confusing information about Tinder like: how to make a perfect profile, how to start conversations, how to get more matches, how to get dates etc.

I myself never looked for any information about tinder gaming a few years ago when I used it. Used it on/off, got somewhere around 30 lays off it besides going clubbing, which I like more.

NOTE: I haven’t used Tinder for long time, and it has changed a lot. There are things like boosting and shit. So this information can be outdated some how. There is still the basic principles what goes on online dating, like looks is important.

Here are some points I realized that matters for getting matches, dates, lays:

  • Good photos and looks is the most important thing, as you can’t have same connection with her via texting as you would see her face to face
  • Bio doesn’t matter, I had only mentioned my height and home town
  • Getting phonenumber as soon as possible and turning it to dates is important (Check this post). If you talk with her days/weeks, it’s probably not going anywhere.
  • If you swipe right for everyone, you’ll soon be tagged as a bot by tinder algorithm and you are no longer getting matches.
  • If you have a new profile, you’ll get more matches as you would have it longer. The algorithm shows new profiles more to girls than older, also same goes for tinder+
  • Shirtless pics are not turn off. If you have a good physique, show it! I have gotten laid only because of my body thought tinder. Girls mentioned that I had hot body and got wet (not in tinder, after we met)
  • You can have a phases you got lot of matches on one day, and then many days off not getting any matches. This has something to do with the algorithm

Tinder is all about numbers game. Let’s say you got a total 100 matches. 50 of them will reply to your opening. (Some girls are only looking for validation and testing how many matches they can get, so they won’t reply to your messages at all. If they don’t reply, just delete them, and you prune the ones that aren’t interested to meet). Conversations with 30 of those 50 goes well and end up phonenumber/setting up a date. 15 of those dates flakes. (Flaking % is high on tinder). You got now 15 dates, and some of them will end up lays, some probably not. Depends how you do your dates. Read here date guide how to be playful and make her wet.

Percentages of this example was not accurate, but the point was that Tinder has a huge percentage of flakes, and most of the matches won’t go anywhere.

What is good opening on Tinder?

Basic “hi how are you” is good if girl hasn’t bio or something in her pics to comment about. Even she is probably getting the same message from dozens of other guys, it’s good sign if she replies to this. This means you are ahead of other men competing off her, as she replied.

But if she has a bio or something on her pics to comment about, I’m preferring messaging something about them. Example she’s with dog on picture, say something like “Cute dog”, afterwards “you are too”.  Or like most of girls, she mention on her bio liking traveling, you can ask something about it.

Doesn’t really matter how you open the conversation, what matters is how she replies. If she’s replying with longer than one word replies, you are fine, and it’s more likely to going somewhere. If she’s replying “ok”, “cool”, “im fine”. Delete the match. It’s not going anywhere. She isn’t interested. If she’s asking about you then you are good to continue, like she:“I’m fine, at work now. How is your day?”.

Duration between matching and getting laid

It can be anywhere from few hours to a week. A week later after matching and texting, and she still don’t have a time to setup quick date, I delete match. Everyone should have that much of freetime. Also, the longer it takes after matching and starting a conversation to meet irl, the harder it’ll be.

Tinder is a great tool for gaming, as it takes no time and can be done at home. It shouldn’t be taken too serious thought. If you are not getting matches, or girls won’t reply to your openings, try to change your pictures. These are the most important things. A good and clear picture of face (not phone front camera selfie). Not sunglasses. Shirtless pics are ok as said on above, if you have a good physique. I’ve experimented with dozens of different pics of myself, with different facial expressions, pictures near off me, pictures far off me. Best results and most of success I got with near face pic, where I had a little smile. So smiling in pics is important.

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