Tips to Seduce Women

On this page, I share short tips for you related to become better to seduce women. This is not my usual blog article, but a long-term project to add these short tips from time to time and update this page as much as I can.

I hope you find these tips helpful!


#1. Badboy who gives flowers to women = Pussy wetter

As you know that giving flowers to women is usually a really gentleman approach to perk up the woman, do Badboys do it?

Fact: Every woman loves to get flowers.

Badboys usually wear this “Tough mask” over them, meaning they don’t want to look pussy, and in this case, they might think that giving flowers to women is a thing that only beta men/pussies do.

BUT, the secret is here: Women go crazy over Badboys who can act gentlemen from time to time. One of the most attractive things women can see in a man is a tough guy who can show emotions.

And from my experience, when I have done this, gave flowers to women (I have pretty badboy style), they have gone crazy, and there have been great sex afterward.

Just remember: Don’t do this too often. Maybe every few months if you are dating longer, or if you have just met a new woman to date, do this at the earliest on your fifth date.

And if you are new here or you have no idea how to get this “BadBoy” vibe, you are warmly welcome to explore my blog/site where I explain this better, and you can also find this from “The Player System” too.

#2 Pick-up Lines for Bars or Nightclubs

Here are some old pick-up lines I used to deliver to women at Bars.

1. Five fingers trick

Approach and show your hand with five-fingers like you would be giving a high, then:

You: “Sup, how many finger?”

Her: “5, why?”

You: “F@#, all the girls here are sober.”

Her: “Haha”

You: “I am losing money here, I have a bet with my friend that is here more sober or wasted girls. Maybe we should go get a drink together so I get even one point?”

Her: “Haha, okay”

If she agree, do as said in the “Lone Wolf Game”, grab her hand and go to bar and order drinks.

Continue small talk and flirting from here.

2. Count of Guys who approached

Cold-approach a girl at bar:

You: “Hi, how are you doing, have many guys approached you tonight?”

Here are two options:

1. Option

Her: “Hello, no why?”

You: “What?? Is this a gay bar or something?”

Her: “Hahaha”

You: “Well, I am the first one then I guess, my name is Brad nice to meet you”

Continue small flirt…

2. Option

Her: “Hello, yes multiple”

You: “Oh, well not surprise you are a really attractive. Are you going to reject me too?”

Her: “Haha, depends”

You: “Oh comon, don’t break my heart. I already fell love in you. I saw you earlier and rejected other girls just to get my chance to talk with you”

Then continue either flirty small talk or ask her to dance.

3. Gay Bar Question

Approach a girl.

You: “Hello, how’s your night?”

Her: “Good, yours?”

You: “Good thanks. Just came to ask if I do look a gay?”

Her: “haha, no. why?”

You: “Okay good. Because some guy just tried to seduce me. He said that I look more cute than a keg”.

Her: “Oh, hahaha”

Continue small talk from here.

4. Count of Guys Approached version 2.0

Alternative opening for the 2. pick-up line. It’s up to you which you prefer better. So:

You: “Hi, how are you doing, have many guys approached you tonight?”

Her: “Zero, you are the first one”

You: “Really? There are a lot of cute guys over there, go out there and talk to them. They will definitely like you. I can help you, let’s go!”

Her: “Haha. And why would you do that?”

You: “I am just friendly and want to help as you look so cute. You look a girl who is too kind for me, you deserve a good guy and not a badboy like me”

I remember using this line a lot. Probably 2% said they would go to other guys, 98% replied positively to me. And that’s because this pick-up line is a pretty manipulative:

  • You subtly deliver a message that you don’t put pussy on pedestal. Turn ON
  • You diss other guys being nice guys and put yourself above them by showing you are the douche bag that girls want to fuck on the one-night stands.