Is Picking Up Women Skill and How to Improve it?

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Have you ever wondered if picking up Women is a Skill?

Yes it is.

And you can learn how to master that skill of Picking up Women.

Like I did.

I transformed myself from kissless virgin to Pimp by Learning this Skill. You can read my story about how I made it, here: Brad’s transformation story from shy guy to Player

Picking up Women a Skill?

If you have always thought that seducing women is all about looks, read this story of ugly guy getting more Pussy than Pretty Boys at Party: Looks don’t Matter afterall

Picking up, gaming, sarging; whatever term there is for it, I would like to post here some reasons why it’s a skill that can be learned and improved to get more women.

Looks is of course an important aspect, I don’t buy the thing ‘looks don’t matter’ as some dating gurus say.

But having a good and confident demeanor while picking up women will get you a lot better results, especially if you Master this Skill.

I haven’t used in ages a fake stories while picking up women, but they work if done right and that’s one aspect what makes picking up women a skill.

I did only these fake stories when I was starting whole game thing and later it was just natural game that I learned.

It became my second nature.

What aspects Matter in the Skill of Picking Up Women?

Here are some things that are legit on Game (Skill of picking up Women), aspects that makes a man attractive non-dependent on looks:

  • Women are attracted to high status men (with game you can fake this)
  • Women are attracted to guys who other women are interested (pre-selection; with game you can fake this too)
  • Women love BadBoys who don’t give a f@#k about anything and do what they want do (I’ve seen this many times, some guys below average looks having hot girls. With game you will lower inhibitions and get idgf attitude. Check here guide how to not give a fuck)

These three Aspects are the Critical Principles that makes a Guy more attractive besides his Looks.

Status. The Trait that overwhelms Looks when it’s about Attraction.

Having a very high status, example movie or rock star, you don’t need any looks. You can get away anything having this high status. You don’t need this high status though for getting girls, and it would be impossible to fake this high status. Some status that is good enough is example having a large social circle, being known by people a great guy everyone would love to hang out, knowing cool people, doing some cool stuff like travelling a lot, having an interesting life. Those are easy to fake with game. Just make up stories how you’ve been on great private parties hanging out with important people with celebrities. Instant status boost if you can do it subtle and credible.

This way you will not find girlfriend, only one-night stands. If you are interested girl you are picking up for relationship, do not make these false stories. You will get revealed at some point. But if you don’t have any interest for ltr, it’s okay to put some extra flavor in your stories.

Pre-Selection. The Trait You must Learn to Use As a Skill for Picking Up Women

Even if a guy isn’t good looking, but have lot of women chasing him, he’s attractive for women. After doing enough picking up and learning how to do this naturally and subtle, it’s very powerful way to boost your attractiveness and make her chase you. It’s skill that only can be learned via experience on field, after doing it enough it becomes naturally and smoothly.

IDGF Attitude. One Reason Why Women Love BadBoys

A man who knows what he wants and don’t care what other’s think is an attractive man. This isn’t probably skill, but can be improved after going enough out of your comfort zone. Daygame is a good way to go out of your comfort zone via cold-approaches.

How to Improve a Skill of Picking Up Women?


Lots of field experience.

It can’t be learned any other way.

I started as an social anxiety kid who would shake and almost shit his pants when talking with women, to guy who can be smooth, playful, having a fun with girl as natural as possible.

No anxiety, nothing.

Hanging with stranger like you’ve known her years.

Going enough out of comfort zone, doing it enough will get you there.

BUT, I can tell you a short cut to Speed Up that Progress of Mastering the Skill of Picking Up Women:

These two Books. They cover each step you need to know how to effectively Seduce Women anywhere, anytime. They teach you how to Master the Skill of Seduction. Learn more about them below:

Is picking up women skill? These books teach you that it's a skill. And Powerful Skill.

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