Why Social Media is Poison for your Mind

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Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. And all other Social Medias. I avoid them like the plague. After stopping using them, the quality of my life literally skyrocketed. They really are poison for your mind. Social Media is the root of the evil.

In this post, I’m going through the reasons why Social Media are very bad for your mental health and a pure waste of your precious time.

The Clock is ticking. Spending it on Social Media? Think about twice.

The importance of the time.

The time is one of the most precious thing you have besides the health and loyal friends/family/lifetime partner/good future wife.

Social Media is a place where you can spend way too much time and, in the end, getting nothing back. (Only if you make/boost your career on Social Media, it’s acceptable).

If you think about it, what Social Media offers to you at the end?

You spend hours on the Instagram watching staged photos of people trying hard to show how great their life is. It’s a place where people are trying to get approval, ego boost, and brag, whatever they are bragging about.

The Hard Choices

The hours you spend on watching other people lives, there are tons of other activities you could invest better those hours to Improve Yourself:

  • Working Out and Gym
  • Picking up women (If you have read my content more depth, you know that you can get laid any day. Not only on weekends)
  • Reading non-fiction books. Not only your eyes, thank you for not getting strain by watching hours of small screen, but you will get something useful, valuable information that helps you with life.
  • Expanding your social circle or meeting new people. It’s always a great feeling when you meet some great guy, and you go to take a beer or two (nogay). Texting via Smart Phones and Face to Face conversation don’t fit in the same category. Not even close to it.
  • Hobbies. Imagine the hours you have spent on Social Media? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens of Thousands? Imagine if you all that wasted time would have been used on your lovely hobby. You would be the Master. Either it’s, drawing, programming, playing instruments and making music, doing Martial Arts or other athletics, those countless hours would have almost made you the Professional.
  • Focusing on Making Money and invest in the future.
  • Learning about Crypto Coins or similar stuff where there is a lot of money before it becomes a mainstream, like Cryptos or Online Poker.

And tens of other activities which are a lot better than spending time on Social Media.

Focus on your Life. Not Other’s.

If you focus on other people lives, you aren’t getting anywhere.

When you are old, you want to remember the experiences and memories of your life.

Do you want to remember:

  • How many likes you got on the pictures on Instagram?
  • Countless of hours you watched other people living the life through your phone, while you didn’t have the experiences.
  • How there are no actual memories of the great events, you were. Because instead of focusing on the actual event, let’s say music festival, you were only playing with your smartphone to take cool pictures for Instagram?
  • How you liked, and private messaged to those hot women half-naked pictures in hope to get laid. Like hundreds of other men are doing. (They will literally get spammed by thirsty men trying to get pussy. I have dated girls who showed some of these messages and said it’s creepy and make her anxious)
  • How your Ex Girlfriend posted passionate kissing pictures with her new boyfriend after a month of your  brutal breakup.


Do you want to remember:

  • How you actually lived the life without caring about the amount of followers you had. Great memories, real memories. The moments when you were having a great time without any thought of even touching your phone.
  • How you didn’t spend your time focusing the likes, you get in an attempt to get Ego Boost, but actually you did something useful that granted you a lifetime of precious memories.
  • How you didn’t have any clue about that shallow fake world of Social Media. You lived a peaceful life without any idea of how people are trying to compete with each other with followers and likes. The life full of memories of your epic trips to some exotic places where your main goal was to take as good pose photo as possible. Instead, you focused on the journey itself.
  • How did you meet the love of your life in that coffee shop when you finally made a choice to talk with real people, instead of ig messages. The first date where you had the romantic and sexual tension that can’t be achieved by messaging. At the same time, you are laughing how those other hundreds of men tried to message the one average women, who rejected all of them.

Real Life Memories VS Virtual Life Memories

The Real Life Experiences. Without Social Media you are forced to enjoy them without pressure and obsession to take good photos with right angles.

You need to focus on your life and make most of it.

If you spent this only one life for following someone else life on Snapchat or Instagram, or the best moment of your day is the time when your phone peeps and you see new like on your photo, you aren’t living your life to fullest.

Only if you really are successful with hundreds of thousands of followers, the thing can be different.

Even then, you are living for others, though. It’s the constant pressure to look good and to show off how great your life is.

That’s not real life. That’s a Stress Factory.

Hits on the Self Esteem the Social Media can cause

Most people use Social Media’s as a Ego Booster.

They crave the likes of the pictures in an attempt to feel better and showing off that they are living like kings.

Most of these photos are staged.

And when you watch those nice travelling photos, you can become jealous about thinking how great life those guys are living.

In the worst scenario you’ll feel so insecure when you see those travelling photos were people are having fun that it destroys your self-esteem by comparing your life to their lives.

The Luxury Life on Social Media = FAKE

Firstly, you should not compare your life to others, but focus on your own. I could write a very long article about this, but let’s not go to off-topic about Social Media.


The most of these pictures are as staged as it gets.

I saw it personally in one of the famous traveling places.

Before going there, I saw some pics of the place. It looked very nice, beautiful Water Fall in the peace of the jungle.

That moment when you realize the Water Fall was fake

When I arrived there, my jaw dropped.

#1, the waterfall weren’t nearly as cool as it was on the pictures I had seen.

#2, there were at least 100 people in the line to take pictures when posing in front of that waterfall.

Some of them had very expensive System Camera’s. They did took pictures with every possible angle.

The ”Model” did all kinds of poses to look cool. Some woman undressed herself to bikinis, and a guy took a few hundred pictures of her.

So those ”Great views” aren’t so great as they are in reality.

People on Instagram manipulate those pictures to look like they are in the middle of jungle swimming in pure natural water in front of the waterfall, when in reality, they spend there a few minutes, take pictures to Instagram and leave for the next place to take pictures.


If you already haven’t, delete all your Social Media accounts if you are not using them from the career aspect. It will make your life a lot more happier.

Only acceptable ”Social Media’s” are Tinder and other Dating Apps. If they are counted as a Social Media, even then you should focus more on real-life picking up than trying to get laid from Tinder.

The feeling when you successfully pick up women at daytime and fuck her is 100x more pleasurable than having a Netflix&Chill date with Tinder date. Same with the bar, as I have already stated in this article why bars wins Tinder:

6 reasons why bars are better place to get girls than Tinder

Real Life > Social Media

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