Why you should aim for getting Laid instead of improving a ‘Game’

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Time is precious. Time is one of the most valuable things you have. If you are into PUA community and you are wondering if PUA is a scam, I wanted to tell you the truth after spending lots of time myself on PUA stuff…

As I said, Time is really Valuable. And is it worth to spend that time on PUA if it’s a scam?

That’s why I wrote this post about how you can use wisely and most effective way that precious time if you are about to get women.

Don’t follow my mistakes of Past

I wasted myself a lot of time for improving the game, without getting laid.

I did successfully beat the fear of approaching women.

I dramatically improved my social skills and became smooth and playful around women.

Overall I did become an outgoing guy and good at interacting with women.

But I was still struggling to get laid…

I never did, until it all clicked (If you have read my story from kissless virgin to pimp, you know)

As a beginner at that time in the past, my mindset was: 

  • I NEED to have a toptier game to get lot of women ( You don’t need ).
  • After I have improved my pickup skills to that level, I don’t have to put anymore effort on this and women will be drooling over me.

Mainstream Dating Advice = Trash

Not to mention long about my failure by following the mainstream dating advice, it only did backfire me. 

And another reason that was also slowing my progress:

  • Reading  PUA stuff and it’s complicated patterns.

Like you should go dates before sex or you need to have that perfectly done formula or you screw the seduction.

That’s the Reason why I’m against the Mainstream Dating advice and PUA.

And reason why I did wrote “The Player System“, as a non-bullshit and realistic way to get laid a lot…

I didn’t have a mindset that women want random sex too.

Mindset that I need to indicate and hint that I’m an Alpha Male who is hard to get.

A Men they need to put effort and chase.

Only after that I would have access to them anytime. Having multiple women same time chasing me.

I was so wrong in so many things. (Don’t get me wrong, the above “Her chasing you” is REALLY effective way to seduce her, but only if it’s done correct way. Which I’m teaching you in one chapter in “The Player System“)

One Night that Taught me a way more than Countless “Advice” I had read…

Then one night at Nightclub I did stop giving a Fuck about “rules” of the “game”. (Read article: “How to not give a Fuck” )

I did it as natural as it gets, which got me lost my virginity.

By asking straight for sex after spending my night with these two girls at Nightclub, I finally lost my virginity and got enlightenment.

Before this, when I did follow the “Rules”, I was too scared to ask straight for sex because of reading PUA stuff.

It had “taught” me that asking for sex this “early” makes me look too ‘desperate’.  Instead I should ask for phone number to get dates and ‘build attraction’.

What a waste of time.

There is difference being desperate and “desperate”. It’s an attraction killer, but being too paranoid about taking action won’t get you anywhere.

The Enlightenment of realizing PUA is Scam to some point.

This night changed it all.

I realised that you don’t need to “build” attraction via dates to get laid.Instead I could ask for sex at the same night and that won’t make her lose interest.

I learned that you don’t need a “toptier game” to get sex with hot women.

If I didn’t ask her straight for sex back then, I would have wasted a shit tons of more precious time for improving game…

And finally after tens of dates to lose my virginity…

Also, the confidence boost after losing my virginity and after I started to get laid occasionally after that did increase  100x. That’s why losing your virginity is the hardest lay you need to achieve.

Two Different types of Confidence

I did become confident about flirting and socially when I did pickup phone numbers and I was having text game with multiple girls, however not f#cking any of them.

The amount of time required to built attraction to get laid, is the few minutes after your pickup. That was very important lesson I learned…

The difference of the Confidence boost after occasional sex and picking up phone numbers, the first one was the critical part for getting that “Player Vibe”. Both are important though…

After that night, I had a lot more faster progress and I did became way more confident and good at this, seducing women.

If I only would have started from the beginning to go for sex, instead of focusing how to build attraction and make them feel comfortable enough so they might have sex with me somewhere in future…

Save Your Precious Time and don’t fell too deep in PUA scam.

Don’t follow my mistakes, so you don’t waste your precious time on your journey.

Go for this non-mainstream and don’t follow those too complicated patterns, and you progress will 100x. The Player System and The Lonewolf Game will example teach you this way of approach…

A Vicious Cycle…

After this Enlightenment my progress did skyrocket:

Lay after lay, the more women I f@cked, the more confident I did became.

And I did achieve that “Player Vibe” of attractive Man.

Even if all the women weren’t toptier hot women, they still did grant me an experience, which built more my confidence.

And that confidence made it easier in future to pull high quality, toptier women…

Conclusion and Lesson to be Learned: PUA is a Scam and you don’t need to spend years training “Game”

I wanted to write this article so you don’t waste too much energy and time for useless crap that won’t get you laid.

If you have:

  • spent a lot of time with some self-improvement content
  • done shit loads of cold approaches
  • gone on dates

and you are still struggling to get laid, you should forgot for a while for ‘improving the game’ and try this direct way.

It can be a deal breaker that makes you too enlightenment and gets you to new “Plateau”.

You will became too paranoid to ask for sex if you overthink too much that your game is not good enough and you are not smooth enough around women.

Or you overthink she’s not yet attracted to you enough and you need to build more attraction .

Even if your attempt to ask directly for sex is not the smoothiest move, like in the movies, it doesn’t mean 100% rejection.

I have had so clumsy approaches for sex which did still manage to get me laid that it’s ridiculous.

Like a pickup line: “Are you going to take a shit?”. You can these of my stories here.


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