Why you should start training Martial Arts?

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In this Article I tell you why starting to train Martial Arts is one of the Best things you can do.

I have a long history with different kinds of martial arts (Around 10 years).

By starting train Martial Arts was one of the best decisions of my life.

Even they didn’t directly did beat my shyness or granted me women, they had a much better impact on my life:

The discipline they taught. It’s a lot more valuable than getting laid. It helps you in every aspect of life, by granting you the mindset of iron will and not give up.

Few other reasons why to start training Martial Arts:

  • Women loves the ass that training kicks grants.
  • You get an iron discipline.
  • You acquire a great inner calmness. Martial arts actually helps to become less impulsive and not willing to start fights. Not though with everyone can be applied with this, but many can.
  • You learn to defense yourself.
  • You become more confident because you know you don’t get your ass kicked.
  • Probably best and hardest sport when it comes to intensity. You acquire:
  • You get respected by men. Meaning you are a good fighter, men subconsciously respect you by knowing you are not a guy to mess with.
  • Ability to Handle Better Negative Feelings which is granted by Iron Will.

The Inner Calmness. 1 Reason alone why to train Martial Arts…

This Benefit alone is worth reason why to train Martial Arts.

The more longer you train, the more sangfroid you become. You learn to be cool under the pressure and little setbacks won’t bother you.

People may have an image of Martial Artists that they are douchebags trying to start fights.

Usually the most experienced guys are the one’s who will not want to fight. They have already reached this peace of calmness, and they know the damage they can cause. The real fights are not like in movies.

It’s a little minority who are these kinds of douchebags, and usually the beginners with low self-esteem who would hassle people anyway.

They’ll learn the humbleness in the gym when they spar with experienced guys. Usually they stop training a while after this. There are though a good success stories of these type of guys who became the most relaxed guy willing to not start fights.

I remember a guy who started to train at the same MMA gym I was. When he passed the basic course and started to train with us experienced guys, he took a sparring as real fight. He tried to hurt other people he was sparring with. I don’t if did that on the basic course to beginners, but when he started to punch as hard as he could with the experienced guys, he got his ass beaten. Normally the sparring isn’t full contact, but the experienced guys didn’t like his attitude of trying to fight and get him back. And hard. Not long until he stopped training.

Don’t be afraid of the experienced guys, they know how to spar and can read beginners, by teaching them and getting good tips from them.

Am I too old to train Martial Arts?

It’s never too late. There are basic courses for beginners, and most of the guys are about in age range 20-40.

Even if your goal is to not get UFC contract, there are so many other benefits to start that helps you with life.

Also, you are not forced to spar with guys who have trained for 5+ years. That’s a what many have asked me when they are thinking should they start, but are scared of getting beated by experienced guys in the first training sessions.

Depending of the style and the gym, the beginners courses varies a lot.

In the traditional Martial Arts (Like Karate (Japanese), Judo (Japanese), Taekwondo (Korean)), there is less contact and no sparring for beginners.

On some MMA gyms, the sparring will be started at the first weeks of training. Don’t be afraid of this though, the sparring isn’t the same as real match. It’s a light combat and usually very safe.

What style should I choose?

Depends on what is your goal.

Self Defense

If you want to learn to defend yourself, go for MMA or Krav Maga (Israel). I will write a post later about styles that are best for self defense. MMA is more a simulation of real fair 1 on 1 fight, but in Krav Maga they teach that street fights isn’t ”fair” and is very realistic. They go straight to the point and use dirty tricks like kickng to balls, the aim is to cripple the attacker and escape. Also it teaches how to defend against armed attackers and multiple attackers.

Learning to Kick

If you want to learn nice flying kicks, acrobatics and tricks, go for Kung Fu (Chinese) or Taekwondo.

In Taekwondo there isn’t so much acrobatics, only those jumping spinning kicks. If you want to learn some tricks like backflip, go for Kung Fu or Capoera (Brazil, I haven’t tested this one but have saw experienced people doing this, it looks cool as hell).

If you want to become good at kicking, Muay Thai (Thailand), Kick Boxing or Taekwondo In Muay Thai the kicks are designed to be more like hitting with hammer, hard and ”slow”, but in the Taekwondo kicks are like slashes of whip. Not so hard but very fast.

Also both styles have little bit different kicks, example in Muay Thai you learn knee kicks and low kicks. In Taekwondo there is a larger arsenal of kicks, like those flying kicks and back spinning kicks. Both styles are great for learning to kicks, but best would be to go for both. In the Muay Thai there is also stand up grappling and boxing, when in Taekwondo there is mostly kicks.

For condition and minimizing possible injuries

Hint! (Here is an article how to prevent injuries, especially hardening body parts that are likely to get damaged. Not only Martial Arts related, but for every sport)

I would go for more traditional styles. In MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai there is full contact sparring usually, that can rarely cause injuries.

There is though KickBoxing and Boxing only for conditional purposes only, and they don’t contain any sparring. I’ve been few training sessions of these, and they are decent for improving condition.

MMA is this far the most intense with stand-up and wrestling combined. But there can easily occur injuries, especially in wrestling. Check up example the MMA-Fighters Circuit Training, 5 minutes workout you can do at home without weights. Very intense workout that boosts your agility and stamina greatly.

I would otherwise said BJJ or Submission Wrestling, as they don’t include any hits. Only wrestling in ground. But the most injuries I’ve seen in the taraining sessions have came from the wrestling, when someone haven’t tapped in time and got his arm or knee broken. Knee locks like heelhook aren’t even allowed in some gym’s sparring, but there are always some people who might do them. And knee injury takes a long time to heal.

Wrestling on the ground is though very intense training and will improve both strenght and stamina. Also it’s not only who has the most power, but it’s about techiques and strategy.

Also if you are shy around women, BJJ, MMA and Submission Wrestling will get you used for physical contact, therefore easier to be with women when you are used to be in close physical contact with people.

What about Boxing?

Boxing is great. Very intensive, great exercising and good for self defense (Kicks are not good in real life situations as they almost always are close combat/in ground).

Not much to say about this, very great sport and also after watching ’Rocky Balboa’ movies I got 100x motivation boost to train more.


As said above in, both BJJ and Submission Wrestling are great, but have the biggest risk for injuries (still very rare). They are also good for self defense when you can take down opponent and flee.

Not much to add, as I already mentioned the contact and getting comfortable for physical contact with people.


There is no bad style. Choose the style depending what’s your goal is. If you are not interested in self defense, but more being a ”stunt man”, go for Kung Fu or Capoera. If you want to get intense training without intense sparring, Taekwondo (Although I have had hard kicks in the head sparring), Karate, or sparring free KickBoxing / Boxing. They all are good training for body. But my favorite, MMA, contains it all. That’s my choice after all, but I still respect every style of Martial Arts. They have given me so much.

If you are interested in building more Alpha behavior and Discipline, check these posts (I have mentioned starting Martial Arts in both of them):

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